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National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences

Put Romania back on the Antarctic map! #SupportOurExpedition

The National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences (INCDSB), in co-operation with the Romanian Society for Bioengineering and Biotechnology (SRBB), invites you to support our upcoming expedition to Antarctica, which will send four scientists to Antarctica in 2025. Although Romania does not yet have a research station or a national programme for Antarctic research, we are dedicated to exploring this continent where we have already organised four successful scientific expeditions.

Romania has a significant legacy in Antarctic exploration, starting with the reputed biologist Emil Racoviță, the first Romanian biologist to participate in an Antarctic expedition. We continue this tradition and want to contribute to the collective efforts to slow global warming.

Why are the expeditions important?

Scientific expeditions to Antarctica play a key role in understanding and slowing global climate change. By studying Antarctic ice and permafrost, scientists can analyse the composition of the atmosphere over millennia, providing vital data on climate evolution and future trends. By studying micro-organisms in ice, water and soil, they can also understand the extent of pollution and the effect of climate change on the white continent, changes that affect the entire planet. This information is crucial for developing climate models that help formulate environmental policies and implement measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, monitoring of ice cover and changes in Antarctic ecosystems provides clues to the rate and impact of global warming, contributing to international efforts to slow these processes.

In addition to the scientific aspect, Antarctic expeditions have a significant impact on raising public awareness of the importance of conservation. The discoveries and observations made by scientists are communicated to the public through the media, documentaries and scientific publications, sensitising the public to the urgency of climate issues. This educational process can lead to changes in human behaviour, promoting the adoption of more sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. Thus, scientific expeditions to Antarctica not only advance scientific knowledge but also play a crucial role in mobilising global action against climate change.

How can you contribute?

With your support, we can influence the future of Romanian research in Antarctica. In 2025, we plan to send four researchers both to the west, to King George Island, Barton Peninsula, where we have a co-operation agreement with the Korean Polar Science Institute (KOPRI), and to other regions by identifying new partners. The cost of such an expedition is around €7,000 per researcher.

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Donate now through the Romanian Society for Bioengineering and Biotechnology and support the future of Romanian research in Antarctica!

Individuals wishing to financially support the expedition can do so by making a donation by bank transfer to the SRBB account below, mentioning "Antarctica" in the details field:

Romanian Society of Bioengineering and Biotechnology
CIF 13601169, 1 Gheorghe Polizu Street, Sector 1, Bucharest
Account: RO43BRDE410SV21174054100

Legal entities wishing to work with us can contact us at